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Under the Veil

A Picturesque Mountaintop Wedding in Trinidad & Tobago


Bride and Groom: Lerielle Cole & Stephen Pierre
Wedding Date: August 18th, 2018 at 3pm
Destination: Trinidad, W.I.
Ceremony and Reception Venue: North Deck

Lerielle and Stephen met more than 10 years ago, and as the story is told, they “became fast friends”. They remained platonic friends for many years, until one night in 2014 when the stars seemed to perfectly align in their favor. Fast forward to August 18, 2018, a dual celebration of their wedding day and 4th year anniversary. Read on below for the details of how #APerfectPierre became one, in an epic celebration planned in exactly one month post engagement.

What is special about the destination and venue that you chose?

Our families are from Trinidad, most of whom still live there. Although I grew up in The Bahamas, I was actually born in Trinidad and moved back a few years ago, so it was only fitting to get married there. The venue was absolutely spectacular! We not only chose it for it’s rustic-eco-friendly feel, but the view was amazing! It also allowed for all our family and friends to be together in one place for the first time, which was really special.

What was your color palette and your style vision?

I’m totally obsessed with the color rose gold, so I knew I wanted to incorporate that as my main color, working in shades of nude and blush to compliment that. It wasn’t my intention, but it definitely turned into rustic outdoorsy glam. I had glam elements like sequins tablecloths, rose gold lanterns, clear chairs and tons of candles, yet rustic elements like a wooden arch, wooden tables and palette signs all throughout. Our venue was outdoors and gave us tons of trees and lush greenery in its design. I knew that above all else, I wanted our wedding to be a perfect mix of Stephen and I. I am glam and super detailed, and I love anything DIY. Stephen is pretty simple and absolutely loves the outdoors, so we just wanted our wedding to reflect us both.

What did you enjoy most while planning your wedding?

Creating our wedding website. It was really fun looking through our old photos, remembering our love story and creating our wedding hashtag – #APerfectPierre. I used all of that amazing content to curate our online storybook. We had a lot of out-of towners invited to and standing in our wedding, so I also used the website as a hub for everything they needed to know about flying to Trinidad. From things to do, transportation, accommodation, what to expect, what to pack, food to try, and most importantly, events around our wedding, the website really became my virtual planner through this process.

I also think our DIY signs were really special because my mom made them and I hand-wrote them. Our moms played such an integral part of this experience, including mine walking me down the aisle, so it was nice to see it all come together. There so many personalized elements, and they made the day super special.

Share a notable moment from your wedding planning process.

Funny story here. Initially, I found this local supplier who “builds” designer dresses. Determined to use all Trini vendors, I signed up for a dress unknown and unseen, praying it would be what I wanted. Three months later, and just weeks before the wedding, I went for my first fitting and the dress was a (hot) mess! It was an absolute disaster! Luckily, I had been eyeing this back-up dress on David’s Bridal. I wanted simple, sexy and statement. I wasn’t crazy about it, but I figured if I accessorized the hell out of it, I would make it pop. When it came however, I was underwhelmed; it just didn’t give me “the feels”.

3 weeks before the wedding, I was in the mall shopping for bridal accessories. My best friend Jeanine had also asked me to look for a gown for her vow renewal ceremony, so I was keeping an eye out for anything that grabbed my attention. I spent hours looking at dresses for her, but found nothing. Just as I was about to give up, I found a dress in some random store! It was just there, hanging on a rack, tucked behind a sea of other dresses. This was not a bridal store, and I wasn’t shopping for myself, but decided to try it on anyway. Instantly, I knew it was my gown! I never imagined my wedding dress would be off the rack, non-designer, or bought from a retail store in the mall! But it was perfect. I couldn’t stop trying it on and danced around the store in utter glee.

What cultural elements from the destination did you incorporate in your wedding?

Doubles!! With so many out-of-town guests attending, Stephen and I wanted an aspect of Trini culture that EVERYONE loves! So what better a touch than to have an actual doubles vendor, serving hot, tasty doubles on the spot. Our guests fully enjoyed that tasty treat.

What events followed your ceremony and reception?

I really wanted our guests to see our beautiful country and experience Trinidad’s amazing culture, outside of carnival. So, I planned a host of events to showcase that. The Thursday before the wedding, we planned a hike to one of our favorite waterfalls. Stephen absolutely loves hiking, so this was his opportunity to really show our friends his most enjoyed hobby. Friday was the rehearsal and my bachelorette. Saturday was the wedding, which in and of itself, was a cultural experience! Our venue was so far up in the mountains, the road didn’t have sufficient space for everyone’s cars, so we hired transportation to shuttle everyone back and forth to North Deck. The Sunday after, we did a food tour in the city, visiting some of Trini’s best spots for food; ee went Maracas for bake & shark, The Avenue for doubles, The Savannah for corn soup and St. James Main Road for roti. It was an excellent way to end an amazing wedding week.

What was your favorite memory from your wedding or wedding planning?

Two things that really stood out. Firstly, our date was special because it marked our 4th year anniversary and the number “8” is the sign of eternity. My second favorite memory was the MIST/RAIN during our ceremony. On the day, a huge storm was scheduled to happen. It did rain, but at the perfect moment during our exchange of vows and when we were pronounced husband & wife. Being in the mountains also created this romantic mist that turned into the most gorgeous sunset as our backdrop. It allowed our photographer to capture some amazing photos. We also did a sand ceremony, and used “pink sand” from our recent trip to Harbour Island, Bahamas. That was really special, as it allowed me to incorporate a little piece of my Bahamian history into our ceremony.

What advice would you give to other brides or engaged couples planning a destination wedding?

Enlist a planner! If you can’t afford a planner to cover your entire event planning period, I would recommend you at least get a week or day-of” coordinator to alleviate stress, manage your guests and deal with your vendors.


Dress: Store bought
Hair: Lerielle Cole
Makeup: Beats by Irie
Photography: Thion Lord
Wedding Planner: Lerielle Cole
Florist: Krystal Hinkson & Lerielle Cole
Event Designer:  Lerielle Cole
Decor: Amelia at Creative Events

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