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Wedding Planning Advice from Real Life Destination Brides


‘Till Stress Do Us Part?

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, but that doesn’t mean it comes easy! Need wedding planning advice? In an article by the DailyMail, one in four men indicated that wedding planning was more stressful for them than for their brides, with 23% of them saying it was the most stressful thing they had ever done. We know that wedding planning is stressful. The good news is that there are many ways to mitigate and alleviate the stress of wedding planning. (Read our wedding planning tips here and here.) It’s always great to hear the perspective of others that have gone through the same or similar situations. Here we’ve polled a few brides asking their best wedding planning advice for upcoming destination brides.

We asked former destination brides what advice they would give to other brides or engaged couples planning a destination wedding. Here’s how they responded:

“If you’re interested in a particular destination but you don’t have family there, make sure to do your research! Choose somewhere that isn’t too far from home so that you can visit at least once. Also, find a wedding planner that makes you feel as though you are their top priority. Know the size of the wedding that you want first and then start planning from there. Stick to what you and your partner want and don’t compromise, unless you have budgetary restrictions. Wedding planning can be extremely overwhelming, but an organized and and clear vision can result in the most amazing day. Don’t let anyone tell you that your dream is impossible! I planned my destination wedding in less than a year (engaged in February and married in November). I was organized and decisive, and that helped me be successful in my planning.”


“Focus on your marriage and remember the wedding is literally ONE day! Focus on doing what will make your marriage withstand the test of time. Also, don’t forget to inquire about the inclement weather plans for your venue, especially if your wedding is scheduled to be outdoors.”


“Research and hire a wedding planner on the ground. During your planning, try to schedule at least one visit to your destination and venues, if possible, to give you a clearer vision of what you would like to happen on that day. The experiences your guests have will be like vacation for them, so you can get away with not having many events (as you would for a local or traditional wedding celebration). Choose your dates wisely. Monitor peak and regular seasons in your wedding destination because higher than normal costs and minimal discounts or concessions are typically the result.”


With these tips, you should be able to detail your wedding planning strategy and plan the wedding of your dreams. Happy planning!

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