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Money Matters Planning 101

How To Help Your Bridal Party Save Money


Because you still want to be friends AFTER the wedding….right?     

It’s no secret that most brides know who will be in their bridal party before they’re engaged. (Adjustments are made for “new friends”, but that CORE group of friends is who makes the bridal party cut.) We’ve also discussed how averages total wedding costs for couples getting married is in the five-figure range. While you may be comfortable covering extensive costs, it’s not fair to assume the same is true for those that agree to be in your bridal party. The members of your bridal party are your nearest and dearest, so why not treat them accordingly? If you could save them a few bucks here and there (because they already have to cover travel costs), why not do so? See our list below for the various ways you can help your bridal party save money on your wedding day:

Subsidize Some (or ALL) of Their Costs

“The very first wedding I stood in was an older cousin who covered the costs for all of the ladies in her bridal party. Similarly, her husband-to-be covered the costs for all of the guys in his bridal party. This was my very first bridal party experience, so to be honest, it set the bar pretty high in terms of expectations from other brides-to-be.” While we acknowledge this person had a more than ideal scenario, this will likely not be feasible for most engaged couples. (Though, it may happen for some.) With potential expenses in the hundreds (possibly low thousands), a subsidy for some costs would be greatly appreciated.

Give Them Options

Instead of selecting one expensive gown, suit, or accessories for your bridal party, select options to accommodate various budgets. We’re not suggesting to deviate from your desired theme; stay on theme, but consider the affordability of all the options selected.

Choose to Rent Instead of Buy

Men have been renting tuxedos for formal occasions, for as long as I can remember. Renting for weddings is no different, and sometimes a welcomed option for those that don’t want to buy. While renting wasn’t always popular (or fashionable) for women, that has changed in recent years. Rent the Runway has revolutionized fashionable rentals for women and recently become a favored option than to buy.

DIY or (let them) DIT

There are a number of things that your bridal party can do themselves, such as hair and makeup. Like we mentioned previously, give your bridal party options. They will thank you later.

One of the last alternatives we’ve seen happen is that you name honorary bridal party members. These honorary members don’t actually stand in the wedding but have a prominent seating position at the wedding. (Feel free to use the seating chart, found here in the Bridal Binder, to plan their seating.) In most cases, the honorary members are asked to wear a specific color (for ease of identification), but they can wear whatever they like. Given all of these options, what do you think you’ll do?

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