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Get Hitched, The Wedding Band Home Try-On Service

Hitched, Wedding Band Home Try-on Service

Introducing Hitched, the new men’s wedding band at home try-on service.

We can all agree that nothing screams convenience like an at home try-on service. This level of convenience is even more so desirable, considering the many other stresses you encounter while wedding planning. At The Bridal Passport, we try our endeavor best to provide the guidance as it relates to destination wedding planning. We’re so happy to share this latest find!

Launched in 2017, here’s how the founders explain the birth of Hitched:

“After personally dealing with the struggles of finding the perfect wedding band, we realized the flaws of the traditional wedding band shopping process. We spent many hours shopping different jewelry stores, only to come up short-handed. Deciding it was time for a change, Hitched was born. Becoming experts in the space, we spent countless hours understanding the industry and talking with people that had been through the process themselves. Our goal with Hitched is to help engaged couples find the perfect men’s wedding band, easily and stress-free.”

How Hitched Works

Similar to other at home try-on services like Warby Parker, interested couples would simply visit the website at www.tryhitched.com to browse the Hitched collection of wedding bands. A total of 5 wedding bands can be selected to try on at home. (Note: The at home try-on process is free, but like other try one services, Hitched will authorize a hold that will be fully refunded when the at home try-on process is complete.) Upon receipt of the bands, you can take your time trying them on, and test driving how the band feels in your day-to-day activities; if you fall in love with one, you can finalize your order by completing the purchase online. After completing the at-home try on process, simply return the sample bands in the box they came in. 

While the at home try-on service model may not be your speed, Hitched offers a traditional purchase program. Bands range in price from $99 and in a variety of metals from Tungsten and Titanium to 14k Gold.

Will you be trying it out? Head on over to www.tryhitched.com to get started!

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