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Should I Plan My Wedding On a Holiday?


Planning your wedding on a holiday may or may not go over well with your guests. Here’s what you should consider.

While it may be super convenient to plan your wedding on a holiday, not all of your guests may feel the same way. Planning your destination wedding on or around a holiday is sure to have its challenges. Before planning a holiday wedding, consider these things:

1. Guest List

If you want to have a small wedding or limit your guest count, don’t expect fewer people to attend if on a holiday. The likelihood that people will confirm their attendance is higher on holiday, given that they’ll be available. (There will be a few people that are unable to attend due to their own vacation plans, but there’s no telling who’ll do what.)

2. Choosing a Date and Sending Out Save-The-Dates

While save-the-dates are traditional in nature, they are a silent requirement for holiday weddings. Typically sent out at least six months in advance, save-the-dates can also be combined with verbal notifications to guests. Sending out save-the-dates extends an additional courtesy to your guests, as they’ll avoid scheduling conflicts on the day of your event.

3. Venue and Vendor Availability

With a holiday wedding, you can’t assume that your desired vendor or venue will be available. Other weddings or events may be planned on your preferred holiday, so as soon as you know your date, reach out to book your vendor and/or venue.

4. Surge Pricing

This is the most important thing to consider when booking a holiday event. Premiums or surge pricing are usually associated with booking a venue or vendor on a holiday. You should expect anything from increased venue and vendor costs to additional convenience fees added to your vendor price quotation.

Consider these 4 things, and planning your destination wedding will be a breeze. Need some help getting started? Check out these 8 simple steps to jumpstart your destination wedding planning here!

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