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Here’s Who Should Pay Your Wedding Guest Travel Expenses


Weddings are typically costly for its guests, and hosting a destination wedding or weekend of events is no different. Knowing that weddings are already expensive for its guests, should you be required to pay your wedding guest travel expenses for them to attend your wedding? The answer is: NO. While there may be some exceptions to this (i.e. parents, grandparents, best friends), the couple getting married is not responsible for the travel fares of their guests. (Remember, wedding attendance is optional, not mandatory.) There are a ton of things that the couple is responsible for, and here we’ll help you break down who is responsible for what.

Bride and Groom

Because it’s their day, the bride and groom are responsible for the wedding ceremony and reception (of course), and may opt to include additional events for their guests such as welcome receptions, after parties and morning after brunches.

Bridal Party

Unless you’ve communicated otherwise, your bridal understands that they’re responsible for the costs associated with participating in your special day. The moment they said yes, they essentially consented to cover any and all costs associated with the involvement in your wedding. Typical bridal party costs for destination weddings would include travel and accommodations, attire for the wedding, and beautification. There are some couples that may opt to cover all of these expenses for their bridal party, however this is not typically the norm in most wedding situations.

Your Wedding Guests

You can breathe a sigh of relief because like the bridal party, your wedding guests is responsible for their share of wedding costs. This includes their own travel and accommodations, food, beverages and activities outside of wedding events. The easiest way for it to be explained, is to acknowledge that attending a destination wedding is pretty similar to gong on vacation. You wouldn’t expect someone to pay your vacation costs right?

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