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Bridal Designer Weds In Stunning Blue Gown

Blue Is the New White

Feeling Blue? In the spirit of the latest release of Netflix’ original Orange Is The New Black, blue is the new white (truly). For many years, brides have incorporate the “something borrowed, something blue” saying in wedding prep. The something blue was traditionally an accessory, but we’ve noticed a recent trend: brides are donning blue wedding dresses. While a blue gown isn’t for everyone, these photos prove that the option is worth considering. The principles of dress selection remain the same: choose a gown and silhouette that you love!

If you’re considering a blue dress, here are some more designer gowns that may inspire you!

Phylicia Ellis Wedding Dress
Phylicia Ellis Wedding Gown - Aaron Davis Photography
Hayley Paige Blue Wedding Dress
Hayley Paige - MCV Photo
Ines DiSanto Bluew Wedding Dress
Ines DiSanto - MCV Photo
Carol Hannah Blue Wedding Dress
Photo Courtesy Carol Hannah

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