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Shall We Eat Cake? Top 7 Desserts for Your Destination Wedding

Wedding Reception Dessert Bar

Just like all other things change, bridal industry followers have seen an evolution of the way bridal cakes are made and ultimately designed or decorated. From a single tier naked cake to a multi-tiered cake covered in 24k gold paper, cake artisans worldwide have been pushing the limits of traditional wedding cake artistry and we absolutely love it. While we love a good cake, that is by no means your only option for the “sweet stuff” at your destination wedding reception. Have you considered a dessert table or bar? Genius right?! We’ve compiled a list of some of the top 7 destination wedding dessert options you could serve your guests on your special day, should you opt not to eat only cake.

Cake, Cake, Cake

This is the most traditional option and we would be foolish to not include it in the list. Some of the most non-traditional brides have still opted to include a cake at their reception; in those instances, they tend to select a one tier cake, flanked with a myriad of other dessert options. A cake is still a great option to consider; it will likely satisfy the palette of your wedding guests and also make for a great photo.

Cake Balls / Cake Pops or Cupcakes

If you did opt to do a single tiered cake, but still want more, you can opt to do cupcakes, cake balls or cake pops. These other options will give you the satisfying taste of cake, with ease of consumption for your guests.


Who doesn’t love a good cheesecake? This dessert can be served in it’s traditional form (by the slice), or in miniature cups as a cute addition to your dessert table.


With the evolution of bridal cake trends, we have seen this classic added to the dessert bar. Who doesn’t love a good donut? With donuts coming in many flavors (and the ability to create custom flavors), this is definitely an amazing treat for your wedding guests (and a brilliant addition to your dessert decor).


While there are many types of cookies that could be added to your dessert table, we recommend the sugar cookie, in a customized shape and iced to perfection. You can’t go wrong with this and you definitely won’t regret it.


This French pastry is not only delicious but the perfect addition to spruce up your wedding decor. Working closely with a pastry chef, this pastry can be customized by flavor and colour to perfect suit your destination wedding decor.


You can never go wrong with this sweet addition to the dessert table. Get some colored candy bags, fill an assortment of glass jars and vases to capacity with hard candy goodies, and let your guests eat candy to their heart’s content.

Which desserts will make the cut? Which is your favorite?

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