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Designer Spotlight: Pnina Tornai


When it comes to bridal designers that are household names, Israeli designer Pnina Tornai is one that tops the list. Born to an Egyptian father and Moroccan father, Pnina was known in the international bridal realm before her rise to stardom with her recurring role on TLC’s hit show “Say Yes to The Dress”. Since her rise to popularity on the show, Pnina has retained her coveted role of exclusive designer for large retailer Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City. 

Per the Kleinfeld website, the starting price of a Pnina gown is $4,800. However, if you are familiar with TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress”, you know that the most exquisite Pnina gowns, can cost as much as five figures, as evidenced by a ball gown at Kleinfeld which was retailing for $32,000. While the gown with a five-figure price tag is not for most brides, Pnina has successfully dressed hundreds of brides and made wedding days that much more memorable.

Photo Credit: Kleinfeld Bridal

“Pnina Tornai’s collection features her signature corset design. Inspired by the construction of original ancient corsets, Pnina adds her own modern touch to create the perfect fit. Her gowns are handmade from the finest fabrics imported from Europe and hand sewn in accordance with the principle of Haute Couture. Her collection varies from classic with clean lines and details to sophisticated, hand-embroidered ball gowns. Genuine Swarovski crystals and precious stones adorn her bridal creations. Pnina brings a new and fresh design approach to bridal. Her gowns are classic, yet sensual and unique. Her fabrics are light and her details reflect her individual sense of style, glamour and beauty. Pnina has been sketching since she was a little girl and feels that design is what she was born to do.” 

Pnina’s most recent Fragile (2018) and Love (2019) collections continue to give us the bridal couture that we’ve grown to know and love from Pnina. The collections are described as “romantic, yet up to date with the modern bride–the bride that cares to look feminine and romantic, but is also bold and open-minded”. Take a look at some of our favorite Pnina gowns below, perfect for a destination bride.

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