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Who Will Make the Cut? Wedding Guest List 101

Who will make the cut?

So, now you’re engaged and in the initial phases of wedding planning. You always dreamed of getting married on a secluded island in the Caribbean somewhere, and thanks to the most epic proposal from the love of your life, that dream will soon be realized! Everyone in your inner circle is so stoked for the wedding (mom and dad being the most excited), and wedding planning has become an “all hands on deck” situation: everyone is extending an offer to help out or contribute something to the day.

Before you get too carried away, there is one thing that drives wedding planning that you need to focus on, but you somehow keep getting distracted: the list. The infamous list. You told your fiancée to give you his names, but he hasn’t given it to you as yet, so you’ve kept yourself occupied with everything else that’s wedding related. But, the time has come to seriously sit down and commit to creating this list, and one central question remains: who will make the cut?

Most brides will tell you that creating the list is one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning. Others will tell you that it’s really not that big of a deal. The resulting guest list tends to exceed the true desires of the couple to be wed: mom wants to invite her long lost cousins from Europe, dad wants to extend the invite to some of his golf buddies….none of which actually know you, much less your fiancée. So this is where the stress begins!

We have said it before: planning the guest list for a destination wedding is way easier than a wedding in your hometown. Planning the guest list for your destination wedding should be painless and stress free! Check out our roadmap below for how to determine who should make the cut:



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