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Hassle Free Tips for Traveling Brides

Plane liftoff into sunset

Traveling brides, this is for you!

While destination wedding planning, most traveling brides only think about travel arrangements for their guests, not for their gown. Like your favorite Christian Louboutin heels, you think the dress will be with you every step of the way. After a multi-thousand dollar investment, it’s not worth the stress to travel to your destination without it!

Having extra cash during wedding planning is atypical, so you’re less likely to buy a plane ticket for your dress. Most major airlines have policies that will permit you to carry on your wedding dress. Here’s what we’ve found:

  • Emirates and Delta Airlines occasionally permit use of the oversized coat closets in first class to accommodate wedding dresses, but only if the flight attendants and crew give the ok. Otherwise, you’ll have to verify your dress also conforms with carry-on dimension requirements, as listed on both airline’s websites.
  • American Airlines may attempt to accommodate you in one of the closets on their planes, but there’s no guarantee that your flight will have a closet. So the safest bet is to stick to carry-on size requirements and travel with your dress in hand.
  • Southwest Airlines doesn’t have coat closets on their airlines, so your only alternative is to store your gown in an overhead compartment, most likely above your (and others) luggage.

Every time you’ve traveled on a plane with a bride with wedding dress in tow, you’ve seen the same outcome. Flight crews go above and beyond to make sure the bride and her dress get to their destination in one piece. This scenario will likely be the same for you. If you have doubts, contact your airline’s customer service number prior to your travels for confirmation.

On that note, safe travels!


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