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8 Simple Steps to Jumpstart Planning Your Destination Wedding


Here are 8 simple steps to jumpstart your destination wedding planning.

Plan (and stick to!) your wedding budget.

Plan and stick to your budget while wedding planning. Wedding costs are on the rise and one in three couples (supposedly!) exceed their wedding budget. Determine how much you are willing to spend on your wedding. Prepare for unexpected costs and be sure to track how much you’re spending.

Narrow down your region and select a location.

There is usually a reason why people pick specific destinations to get married that are not their hometown. Common reasons are that they’ve either previously vacationed in the locale or the location was where they fell in love. Other couples have had absolutely no affiliation with the location, and just want to cross it off their bucket list. The beauty of planning a wedding is that you can do whatever you want, so do just that: narrow down your location, by region, and pick your destination.

Pick a date and notify your guests.

Figure out a date that works for you and your spouse; as soon as you know your date and confirm your location and venue, informally notify your guests (as far in advance as possible) so that they can begin to (mentally) plan. Your informal notification can be word of mouth, until formal save the dates and the actual wedding invites are disbursed.

Decide on a theme.

Your wedding theme will influence everything: gown, bouquet, flowers, invites, programs, and venue decor. Choosing a theme will assist your wedding planner in planning a wedding that is in line with your vision.

Hire a wedding planner.

It’s always great to be able to entrust a professional with performing a task, and hiring a pro to plan your destination wedding is no different. A wedding planner will likely have the connections necessary (in your destination) to plan your wedding without a hitch.

Select and order your wedding gown.

Reputable bridal boutiques and designers recommend ordering your wedding dress six to nine months in advance of your wedding. Searching for or ordering your gown less than six months out from your wedding date will result in one of two things: rush fees to get your dress in time or having to purchase a sample gown as is.

Book your vendors.

If you are getting married in a peak wedding season, this is especially important. Among the most important wedding vendors are your photographer and caterer, so as soon as your date and venue are confirmed, you should coordinate with your wedding planner to get your desired vendors booked.

Take a trip to your destination.

You should plan to visit your destination at least once in the wedding planning process prior to confirming your venue. This is especially important if it is a destination that you’ve never been to. Traveling to the place will not only give you peace of mind, but will allow you to assist with the planning for your guests. In addition, there will be little or no surprises when you arrive for your actual wedding.

With these 8 simple steps to jumpstart your planning…..there’s only one thing left to be said: happy planning!


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