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9 Items to Make the Perfect Destination Wedding Gift Bag

Destination Wedding Welcome Gift Bag or Box

You’ve planned your destination wedding, and now the time has finally come. Now that you’re settled, guests will start to arrive. While you would love to be at the airport or hotel to personally welcome everyone that arrives, that’s an impossible feat. Placing a curated destination wedding welcome gift bag in the rooms of all your guests, is the perfect way to personally welcome them and also set the tone for the upcoming wedding events. Here are 10 items we suggest you include in the welcome gift bag:

Schedule of Wedding Weekend Events 

Plan a number of events, in addition to the wedding ceremony and reception of course. This keeps your guests entertained. Prepare an itinerary or schedule of events and provide it to your guests. Be sure to include time, location and dress code details for each of the events listed.

Thank You Card 

Just so they know exactly how thankful you are to have them celebrating with you, including a card with those two simple words will easily do the trick.

Sweet and/or Savory Snack

One of the ways you can tie in your destination, is by including a snack from your destination, perhaps a food or drink item. Including a sweet treat and/or savory snack is sure to satisfy the tastes of all your guests.

Mini-Champagne Bottle

Since your guests are on vacation (and likely in a celebratory mood), indulge them with a celebratory beverage; what says celebration better than popping champagne?

Personalized Bottles of Water

This is always a good thing to have in your hotel room and will prevent your guests from raiding the hotel minibar or consuming the expensive bottles of water in the room. You can even dress up the bottle, with a label customized for your wedding events.  

Emergency Hangover Kit

You want your guests to have fun. This lets them know you’ve got their back, whatever happens!

Custom Do Not Disturb Sign

If your guests have as much fun as you plan for them to, a custom do not disturb sign will surely be used.


“Sunglasses and advil; last night was mad real.” Kanye had it right. The need for sunglasses is self-explanatory, but pretty necessary because you’ll likely spend lots of time outdoors in the destination.

Disposable Camera

Encourage your guests to help you capture the memories from the day by providing them with a disposable camera. With the camera, include a cute note requesting they take photos for you at the various wedding events, but leave the camera with you before they leave after the festivities have ended.

Creating a destination wedding welcome gift bag for your guests is essentially anticipating their most pressing needs while celebrating with you, and making sure those needs are covered. But mostly, making them feel special while doing it!


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