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Things to Consider Before Booking A Destination Wedding Photographer


Planning your wedding? You may not know this now, but your destination wedding photographer has one of the most pivotal roles on that day: capturing the day’s events so that you can frequently relive the memories of the moments through their photos.

Having trouble picking a good one? Been there, done that! Here are a few things to consider before booking your photographer:

Do I love their work?

It’s no secret that personal photography, i.e. selfies and photography using selfie sticks, is dominating social media. We all do it. But, the role of photographer is one that will, for many years to come, still maintain its rightful place in society. We still need photographers to be on hand for life’s greatest moments, your wedding day being one of them.

Because of the rise in social media, and many photographers displaying their best work on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, most brides (or couples) have determined who they want to photograph their wedding….wayyyyy before getting engaged. Most likely you love their work and can’t envision someone else photographing your special moment better than they can.

Does their price fit my budget?

Most couples tend to have an overall budget in mind that they would like to spend on the wedding; some couples allow for flexibility in the budget and others want to stick to the numbers they’ve planned. It’s easy to determine whether your photographer of choice will fit your budget or not; most have prices listed on their websites, in brochures, or this information can be obtained by submitting an inquiry directly to them. Wedding statistics from The Knot indicate a national average spend of $2,630 for professional photography services, but be careful, these numbers are sure to rise with travel to a destination required.

Will they travel to my destination?

Most (serious) professional photographers will relish in the opportunity to travel to photograph a wedding in a foreign location. This adds significant advantages for them because not only are they able to travel (and get a free vacation while working), but they are also able to add diversity to their photography portfolio. Also, this provides the photographer the ability to get familiar with the new destination and advertise their services in that location to other potential destination brides. Professional photographers would be happy to photograph your destination wedding, but just know that their photography package will include their travel costs and per diem.

Are they available on my wedding day?

If you are interested in booking a professional photographer that is incredibly popular, you should reach out to them and formally inquire of their availability as soon as you have confirmed your wedding date. If available, most photographers will require a deposit to book their services for your day, with the balance payable at a later agreed upon date.

These are just a few of the initial considerations you should explore prior to booking your destination wedding photographer. Whatever you decide, having a professional photographer capture those memories from your day is not a decision you will regret. If you need more information, click here for a quick list of Bridal Passport approved photographers willing to travel the world with you to get you started. 

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