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Top 5 Reasons To ‘Say Yes’ To The Destination Wedding

Yes to Destination Weddings

One of the most pivotal moments in any bride’s planning is the moment that she says yes to her gown. That moment is undisputedly profound, and packed with overwhelming emotion as the bride, in that moment, knows exactly what she will wear to marry the love of her life and commence her journey to wedded bliss. But, before wedding dress shopping is done, you first say yes to a destination wedding. What could possibly be more enticing than exchanging vows with the one you love in an exotic locale, far away home? Here are few reasons why destination weddings have gained popularity in recent years:

#1: You Won’t Break the Bank

Recent studies have shown that the average American wedding costs upwards of $35,000; keep in mind that this is an average wedding, so more elaborate celebrations will certainly cost more. The majority of the cost is related to the guest list, which tends to be larger for a wedding in one’s home state or country. A destination wedding will certainly reduce these costs, as the guest list for destination weddings is typically smaller, with invites only extended to you and your significant other’s nearest and dearest. In addition, most destination weddings occur in locations that are either naturally beautiful, requiring minimal decor, so there are significant savings when compared to wedding decor in a traditional venue. 

#2: Satisfy Your Inner Wanderluster

We have all been bit by that wanderlust bug; deep down, we all have that running bucket list for travel. In planning a destination wedding, the world is your oyster! You and your spouse can opt to pick a destination that already has some significance to your union, or you can feel free to try something that is brand new to both of you. You already know that your wedding celebration will be memorable; that much is certain. Not only do you have the opportunity to share that moment with your family and friends, but you and your spouse would have also solidified that amazing destination in your memory books.

#3: Your Guests Will Have a Vacation and You Can Have More Than One Honeymoon

Before and after the exchange of vows, you have the opportunity to enjoy a vacation with your family and friends, before your [official] honeymoon. Nothing better than being able to kick back, relax, and have a few drinks on the beach right?! Weddings are expensive for the guests, but if they’re getting a vacation out of it, your guests will be more inclined to indulge you in all of the wedding festivities. In addition, there will be many moments when you and your significant other will be alone doing last-minute wedding related tasks, so there is ample opportunity for romance.

#4: Ditch the Formality

With some of the most incredible backdrops you could imagine, a destination wedding offers the ability to plan a celebration unique to you and your significant other, that is non-traditional in nature. More couples are opting out of the traditional church celebration and choosing from various unique destination locales like historic monuments/museums/private ballrooms to outdoor locations like beaches and other natural habitats that destination locations have to offer. Given the non-traditional nature event, attire also follows suit, with many couples indicating a ‘beach chic’ or ‘island style’ casual dress code for wedding events, unless of course you have planned a black tie-event in paradise.

#5: Leave the Stress at Home

In recent years and with the rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, people are planning events and celebrations wanting to go viral. The good news is that with a destination wedding, you can likely achieve all that and more with half the stress, working with a wedding planner. It’s most likely that you will work with your planner remotely to plan the wedding of your dreams, and have them as the on-the-ground liaison with your vendors or service providers. You will likely travel to your destination, once or multiple times prior to the day, but with little to no stress.

Regardless of the reason, planning a destination wedding in paradise is always a good idea.

Happy Planning!


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